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saw a spider on the mailbox the other day and said “fuck this shit” and didn’t even do anything about it. I didn’t even move. just stood there. you can’t show fear in times like these

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This kid should be 892% done with Rdj at this point. 

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And then Yahoo wrote 37 articles about it and everyone lived happily ever after.

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Make fun of Kim and Kanye’s baby North West all you want. That baby is headed straight to the top….. And slightly to the left.

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The rule here is simple: If you are invoking 1984 in a country in which 1984 is available for purchase and can be freely deployed as a rhetorical device, you likely don’t understand the point of 1984.
— Newsweek’s Michael Moynihan splashing some cold water on those who are crying 1984! over the recent NSA revelations. (via newsweek)
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25 Lives by lalage

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Listening to Yeezus and thinking of tattoo ideas


Listening to Yeezus and thinking of tattoo ideas

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